About Emerald Quarries

Emerald Quarries is located 58 kilometres due west of Emerald, between Sapphire and Rubyvale on the Gemfields. The quarry site is over 600ha in size and even though the quarry has been operating for over 25 years they are only utilizing 60 acres.

The primary function of Emerald Quarries is to supply concrete plants around Australia with decorative pebble. The stone / pebble in question is a round quartz stone with high strength. Currently they supply a large number of Queensland concrete plants with their numerous products. Emerald Quarries provides 3 different coloured products, Honey, Gold and White. These products all come in a number of sizes ranging from 1mm to 20mm. Emerald Quarries also provides the following products and services:

  • Fine Sand

  • Bedding Sand

  • Washed Sand

  • Road Base (2.1 - 2.5)

  • Fill

  • Top Soil

  • Concrete Mix

Emerald Quarries prides itself on their dedicated staff, professionalism and experience in the Quarry industry. A complete maintenance section for plant and machinery ensures high productivity throughout the year. The Engineering Department is dedicated to improving operations in the quarry. This has been demonstrated by our constant upgrading and maintenance program which has led to increased production, output and sales.

Staff Profiles

Terry Peisker

Terry Peisker

Chief Executive Officer

My name is Terry Peisker and I am the CEO of Lithmill Pty Ltd T/A Emerald Quarries. Together with my wife, we started this business over 25 years ago. Having been raised by a Main Roads Foreman, I grew up in main roads camps around South East Queensland and Brisbane Valley. I am now recognised by mining and forestry industries to own and operate one of the most successful and well managed quarries in Queensland. The future of Emerald Quarries is extremely bright with plans underway to open a Distribution Centre in Emerald which will incorporate Master Pebble Australia and Grease Tidy.

Debbie Peisker

Debbie Peisker


My name is Deb Peisker and I am a Director of Emerald Quarries as well as the Administration Manager. My role within the company requires the supervision and management of the administration staff as well as the financial reporting for Emerald Quarries and its subsidiaries. Together with Terry, we have grown from a small family owned and operated business to the company we now have. We contribute this success to our teamwork and ongoing support of each other in the day to day operations of the business.

Cory Peisker

Cory Peisker

Earthworks and Production

My name is Cory Peisker and I hold the position of Earthworks and Production Supervisor at Emerald Quarries. This entails the supervision of the production operations and screening plants in the quarry to meet the requirements of our clients. I have over 15 years experience in the quarry industry having been with the company since 1995. I started my employment as a loader operator on road base production and as I gained experience and knowledge, I progressed through the pebble side of the business to the position I currently hold.